“Empower By The Word of God to More” Mission Statement

                                           I Believe God

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301 W.
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Ste. 341


The EAST Orlando Location

Call us at 407-671-9516
Moved From 185 W. SR 434
Moved from 721 New England Winter Park Fl. 32789

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2 Tim. 3:16  All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable…..

>Our Mission “We are a church where you can be empower to be more”

We are a very lively church. A church alive is worth the DRIVE. Our Services are Design in a Very High Praise and Worhip. We believe that this will set up the spirit for an anointing to bless us and inspire his people to be heal, deliver and set free from those weight that so easily hold us back. We believe that believers and seekers can be save and  fill with holy spirit by confessing also by the laying on of hands and God can speak Prophetic through his servants to all who will yield to the inspire word from the Lord.  We are not foolishly Fanatical nor are we Fridigly formal but we are earnestly Evangelical and purelly Pentecostal. come to Orlando Inspirational Church right here in the city called Beautiful, Orlando Florida. We welcome you.

ITS YOUR SEASON” to be Bless!!
God made you a promise you stood the “Test” tell your story!!

Sign the Guestbook take time to write something. You can do it, if you love the ministry that God has given this great.. Church.. at the bottom of this page fill in the lines. God Bless You! From the OIC family and Lady J & Pastor Berkley

Tithes OIC:  tithes and offerings can be paid by Checks or Money Order’s. Send your Donations to our Business Office

     Orlando Inspirational Church Business Office:

Write us at 301 W. SR 434: STE 341, Winter Springs Fl. 32708

Make your checks or Money Order’s Payable to OIC or COGIC or Orlando Inspirational Church.

We Pray over all monies for a great return back to you it is a blessing to the giver.   

Come by and check us out the church is beautiful clean building Blessed to be a blessing.  


Initiative Partner’s,

 God has proved himself again and we are mighty glad!  He is moving by his spirit and his wonders to perform and we are asking him to bless you continually.  We were able to meet our monthly budget and provide “goody bags” for the youth community project.  We are endeavoring to build God a house and are humbled by the kindness that you have shown to the OIC ministry.  We feel privileged that you have chosen to join us as we build God’s kingdom.  It is not about us, but it’s about God’s will and his purpose. Thank you so very much for seeding into OIC ministry.  Please continue to send your monthly gifts and support.  As you give, I know that you will reap a harvest of bountiful blessings.  The scripture advises us that, “Give and it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down, and shaken together and running over shall men give unto your bosom. Luke 6:38.

 We appreciate your continuing support and blessing to the OIC ministry.  . Any amount will work!    If you know of anyone who would like to become a Initiative partner’s feel free to share this information.  Has anyone told you lately that you are loved?  Well, we’re going to take the time right now to say how much we truly do, love you.  Have a wonderful week and remember to praise God as you go!

 Thank You! Again for your financial support, well wishes and prayers.

 In God Loving Care,

 Founder and Pastors Berkley K. & ADMIN. ASST Jarvia D. Walker

Also If you are without a church Home or Church family or out of the country on Business

Mail your tithe to our BUSINESS OFFICE ADDRESS: 

Orlando Inspirational Church mail to address:

Write us at  301 W. SR 434. STE. 341, Winter Springs Fl. 32708

Pray changes things Thank you! For your prays

Sometime you have to encourage yourself..Just Repeat These Words ….. “I.. BELIEVE.. GOD!!!!! We are believing GOD for your miracle. God is the only one who can turn things around.

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Write us at 301 W. SR 434: STe. 341,  Winter Springs Fl. 32708

The East Orlando Location at: 
  301 W. 434 State Road, Ste 341,  Winter Springs Fl. 32708

Call us at 407-671-9516 Leave a message we will return,

Meet us at our NEW LOCATION a LARGER beautiful building in the heart of East Orlando cross road 17-92 state route 

Moved from 721 New England Winter Park Fl. 32789 

The New Church is Address is  301 W. SR 434: Ste, 341, Winter Springs Fl. 32708 East of Orlando send mail to the church address  !!!

(Church Business Office location Write us

301 W. SR 434, Ste 341 

Winter Springs Fl. 32708

Church Mailing Address Direct to the church 301 W.SR 434 Winter Springs Fl. 32708                        We are a Non Profit orginization with a 501-3C INC. Church Of God IN Christ, State of Florida inccorporated and EIN  Registered!

Call the church at 407-671-9516 we are stand by to answer your call!

Our Vision is to reach the universe with the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ that is given to all man kind with a message that can change our community and the world to be a better place to live in. Our goal is to impact our community by winning the lost at any cost, healing the brokenhearted and providing hope to the hopeless. We will educate, inspire, motivate and empower this generation through the ministry of the Holy Spirit as we expectantly await the second coming of……..” Our Lord JESUS CHRIST”

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