Lady Jarvia W.

   Lady Jarvia and Pastor Berkley                                       

1st Lady Jarvia Sings Praises and is a Worshipper and serve this great church OIC as Adim ASST.

The East Orlando Worship Location at: 
Ste 341 
301 W. 434 State Road Winter Springs Fl. 32708

Call us at 407-671-9516 do need a ride call us!

Elder B. K. Walker was call to the ministry in 1972 in his father’s church, the late Bishop F. J. Walker of Pleasant Grove COGIC during the 1960’s where he was the church musician and served with his father until his death. He then joined St. James Holiness COGIC in Toledo Ohio and was ordained as an Elder under the late Bishop R. S. Field in 1978, the Ohio North State Bishop back then they where called. He served in the church music department as one of the many musicians in the three St. James churches. In the Toledo church he has served as an assistant pastor for a time and twenty-one years as an Elder. He preached between the three churches under the late General Board Member and Pastor of St. James Holiness COGIC, Bishop Wm. M. James where God worked miracles and souls were saved and added to the church. During this period the Lord led Elder Berkley K Walker to the office of evangelism where he preached all over Ohio, Tennessee, and Michigan. He has also worked in a leadership capacity in the Latter Rain Conferences where thousands of saints came from all over the United States from all different denominations. During these conferences Elder Berkley Walker served many great religious leaders who came by to speak, preach and sing. In 2000, the Lord spoke to Elder Walker and told him that souls need to be added to the Kingdom, in Orlando Fl,so following Bishop Wm. M. James’ death in 2001 Elder and 1st Lady and our Children with their husband and wife moved to Orlando, Florida where Elder Walker met the late Bishop H. Jenkins Bell the name was change to to Holiness Tab. COGIC Bishop Bell Pastor old  Malone Memorial COGIC Elder Berkley Walker and served as an Senior Elder in charge during Bishop G.E Patterson as the interim Pastor after passing of Bishop Bell. Elder Walker remained under the newly appointed Pastor T. L. Wootson until 2006. Elder Walker attended the University of Toledo, completed the Toledo Bible College, and completed the St. James Bible School. In 1973 he united in holy matrimony to Jarvia Denise (Niecy) Lucas and has been married for over 35 years. To this union they have two children, BerkleyJr. wife (Tracy)and Michelle Adkins husband(John)and Five grandchildren now. The Vision is alive. We are building a work in the central Fl Orlando area. Soul are added to the Church. Now is the time where Prayer is the Keys to the kingdom in Jesus Christ. And the faith in God will unlock the Door by the power of the Holy Ghost. The doors of the church are unlock it is open. We have asst.and serve many men and women of God during the time of the Latter Rain conference in Toledo and Cincinnati Oh. I’ve seen the joy and felt and heard the hurt that these people of God have went through to be who they are what they are about. So now it’s our time to go forth in Jesus name. We just started November 2006 If you can’t be a Blessing to the Ministry Would you “Pray for us!!! Because you know Prayer can change things.God Bless You and May Heaven Smile on you